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Stake7 Sister Sites

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Find the best Stake7 Sister Sites on our website. Stake7 is one of the best-known online casinos that are allowed to offer Merkur games in German-speaking countries. The casino has been on the market since 2012 and has quickly established itself as a popular alternative to more popular Merkur casinos such as Sunmaker.

If you are looking for an alternative to Stake7 Casino, there are a number of reasons. In most cases, it is the bonus for new customers at similar casinos as the Stake7 that makes existing customers want to look around at other providers.

The stake7 Merkur Casino carries out profit and bonus promotions every month, but the new customer offers from other casinos are usually unbeatable. However, many customers want to get as much out of their deposits as possible.

Another reason for a change may be that the selection of games is no longer exciting enough in the long run. Although stake7 offers games by Merkur, Bally Wulff and Blueprint Gaming, other online casinos lure with other software developers and thus also with games that differ. If you are looking for variety, however, you should not look for another Merkur Casino, but rather go towards Novoline, Microgaming, NetEnt or PlayTech. Here the game selection differs more clearly than when a player tries his luck with Sunmaker or Sunnyplayer, for example.

The other Merkur casinos are well suited, however, if only small things speak for a change. This can be the design, the fact that you haven’t reached a support employee fast enough or simply the feeling that you don’t really have luck on your side in Stake7.

What are the weaknesses in Stake7 Casino?

Good sister sites to Stake7 are not easy not find. If you are looking for an sister site for the Stake7, you usually do so because you have one or more weaknesses in playing there. Mostly the design of the Stake7 meets with disgrace. Compared to other casinos, it is not necessarily modern. This is also an advantage for many because it has charm, others are considering switching to a similar casino as the Stake7 and the Stake7 has a slightly smaller selection of games compared to other Merkur casinos. It is quite possible that customers who are also at Sunmaker or Sunnyplayer Casino miss a certain game in Stake7.

For some, the gambling licence from the Isle of Man could also be seen negatively. While many other online casinos are licensed within the EU, this is not the case with Stake7. The casino still has a valid gambling license and is considered reputable, but most online casinos prefer to comply with EU law.


What conditions must a Stake7 Sister Site meet?

Which preconditions must be given exactly, so that a good Stake7 sister sitecan be spoken of, depends naturally also on why a customer looks for an alternative at all.

As a rule, the most important question is whether the player is looking for more variety and new games, or whether he wants to switch casinos for some other reason. However, if a player needs more variety, the search for casinos similar to Stake7 is much harder. Players should keep an eye on the software developers and think about where they want more variety. An extensive live casino offer is of no interest to many players who only want to play slots anyway, for example. On the other hand, it may not be possible to play table games live in Stake7, while others may appreciate casino and sports betting providers in one. There are hundreds of different online casinos, some of which differ significantly in their offerings. If you are looking for variety in gambling, you don’t have to be afraid that you will be less entertained at an online casino other than Stake7. However, it makes sense to be clear from the beginning of the search where the priorities lie.

Players are often enthusiastic about slots like Double Triple Chance and the Merkur Risk Ladder and want to continue playing these slots. They are not looking for new games, but rather for a Stake7 where they can play their favorite slots even better, for example because the bonus is better or the design meets their own preferences even more. In this case, players should consider why they don’t currently enjoy playing in Stake7 and what the other casino should do to provide a real alternative. They should then look for a casino that performs better in this area. Here, too, it is important to first become aware of your own preferences or to find out what is missing in Stake7 in order to look for a similar casino.

The conditions at a glance

  • equal or greater game selection
  • Live Casino Area
  • Slots from other developers
  • Sports bets on offer
  • modern design
  • fast customer support

Stake7 Sister Sites 1: Sunmaker

The Sunmaker was the first Merkur Online Casino and therefore well-known to most fans. As a result, Stake7 is more of a Sunmaker alternative than vice versa. However, those who have not yet tried their luck in Sunmaker are usually enthusiastic about the extensive selection of games and the good bonus offer. First deposits are multiplied by the casino with a bonus of 150 percent. This is an absolute top score among Merkur casinos. However, the amount is only granted up to a maximum of 150 euros. As in Stake7, the bonus must be wagered 24 times in Sunmaker before it can be cashed out. Sunmaker also allows the choice of other bonus programs that are particularly attractive to customers who want to deposit more.

Sunmaker is not for nothing the best-known Merkur Casino, which also opens its doors to players from Germany. It is therefore the best Stake7 Sister Sites currently on the market.

Stake7 sister site 2: Sunnyplayer

Sunnyplayer is from the same vendor as Sunmaker. As a result, the differences in respectability and service are not too great. However, the Sunmaker is still slightly superior to the Sunnyplayer in a few points.

These include, for example, the game selection and the community. The bonus can also be slightly better depending on the amount you deposit at Sunmaker. However, the Sunnyplayer grants a 100% deposit bonus of up to 444 Euro. This means that customers who want to deposit more than 150 euros can benefit from a bonus that has much more to offer.

Best SisterSite
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